I am woefully behind on everything as of late.  Like text messages from dear friends have gone unanswered kind of behind.  Or the bathroom floors and toilets are  so tragic kind of behind...seriously, don't go in there. Or I still have laundry sitting on my bed from last week kind of behind (It finally got folded however).
I got this little head cold from Miss Rubia and that is how I handled it too.  "It's a little cold, no biggie!"  It kicked my butt people...kicked it to China and back.  I developed a cough that has only just started to let up almost three weeks later.  It's amazing how when a racking cough keeps you from sleeping well, all things go on a downward spiral from there. I stopped exercising and eating healthy and well...that didn't help either.  But, this afternoon has seen things looking up.  I have great plans of a nice deep cleaning of the house tomorrow.  How good will that be?  When it's done of course.
I don't have really any pictures to show from the last month really.  I keep forgetting to pick it up.  Evelyn and Elijah finished up school today.  I am so proud of those two.  Elijah read 250 books since October and Evelyn is reading books as well.  Amazing!  I couldn't read at age 5.  Mwah...love my babies and seeing them blossom.  It just overwhelms the emotions sometimes.
June is going to see us very busy, then I hope to slow down a bit for July and August.  Lot's a of trips to the lake, free kids movies on Wednesdays, farmers markets, reading time every day, popsicles with friends.  Summer...so glad it's finally here.


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