The reality of the situation...

 The reality is that things tend to err on the side of chaos around here.  If I am about to snap some pictures, I like to give things a straighten, but I decided to be a bit more honest.  There is a constant flow of clutter that comes and goes around here.  Four kids make that happen.  There are always art projects in various stages of completion.  School work to do, half finished bowls of goldfish crackers, and books, always books.  Right after I snapped the picture of the island, I did a quick clean-up, because I was about to pull a pan of cookie bars out of the oven.  I needed to be ready to go, because I literally had a little almost two-year-old boy following me around saying "cookie, Cookie, COOKIE!" at the top of his voice.  When this Mama bakes, patience for the oven to do it's job is in short supply.
The Spanish-English flash cards are in much demand these days.  They are often strewn across the floor, with the cats close by.  Duplos and matchbox cars are always close by as well.
I have been sewing and crafting as I can too.  I am making a few things for my Mom and Step-Dad to sell in the store they have in Alaska.  I am excited about that.  It's just taking me forever to get a box sent their way.  But, I am close, so close.
We have been fighting colds and runny noses as well.  This winter as been brutal for the temps.  I am also starting to feel like we live in a castle, due to the walls of snow that are growing along the street side of the house.  It is so cold in fact that even a walk across the street to the mailbox seems like a risky venture.  It would be nice to go for a walk on the nearby trail, but I am not going to risk my fingers and toes for a bit of fresh air.  I will survive.  I have a garden to plan and that helps, knowing that growing green things outside is not that far away.  We also have St. Patrick's Day and Pi(e) Day coming up.  And Soccer will start soon after.  So I will drink my tea and knit another round...outside will happen soon enough.

No matter where I move my succulents, they get sicker and sicker.  I have never had an issue growing plants.  It's vexing...any ideas?


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