Well, the snow came and it lit a fire under me to finish getting all the winter gear in order.  I had to go buy snow boots for the girls and Rubia's feet have decided to have a growth spurt, so she got a new pair of sneakers too.
Vera and George are settling in nicely and are quite mellow, despite the fact that Rubia keeps shutting them in drawers and closets only to be found when I happen to walk by and are alerted by the sound of frantic meowing.  I am keeping a very close eye on her...she's trouble.  :)  The must think well enough of her to keep allowing her to catch them and by the fact that they have both taken to sleeping with her at night.  Crazy.
Rey is still potty training. He spends his days clad in underpants, socks and a shirt to save on laundry due to accidents.  He goes every time I take him, he just hasn't decided to start telling me when he has to go.  I catch him most of the time...but, that one's a tough nut to crack.  But, he'll get it.  I've outlasted the other three with this, I will outlast Rey too.
I have finally gotten a system together for keeping track of the kiddies school papers, assignments, and whatnot.  No more piles of clutter on the counter.  Boy, does that feel good.
Well, off to go be crafty...I've got some fun things in the works. And maybe a bathroom or two to clean...it nevers ends does it?
Peace friends!


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