A little more organized...

 The newly organized school papers.  Each child has a slot with an alligator clip for small notes.
I go through them every couple of days to make sure we are on track.
 I have had these great magnetic boards from Three by Three since last Spring.  My Mom helped me put them up finally while she was here.
 A newly framed picture of David and I.  I have had the picture stuck in a drawer, but I found a vintage frame in the right size to finally get it up on a wall.
And Rey...eating a quesadilla.
Rey, David and I seem to have gotten head colds.  So I seem to be moving in slow motion.  I get one thing accomplished like cleaning the litter box and then I have to go sit down.  The last few days have been chilly, so I just stay tucked inside for the most part eating porridge with maple sugar and dried cherries and drinking warm spiced cider.
I did manage to menu plan for the next two weeks or so.  I must be craving ground beef, because there are a lot for recipes that call for it in there.  Plus, warm home baked breads and get this...desserts done in the crock pot!  Why have I never used it for that?  Very little effort, a little organization and voile!  Fudgy, Chocolate Pudding Cake...yes, please!
Elijah has now lost his two bottom, middle teeth...so cool, so weird, so fun to play tooth fairy.
I got the front yard cleaned up for winter...hostas and lilies cut back, bushed pruned, pots cleaned out.  I think I am going to plant some tulip bulbs in them and tuck the pots in the garage for the winter.  They will be nice on to place on the stoop come spring.  Now I just need to find the energy to get the back yard beds done.  I do know that If I don't get them done before the snow really flies, they'll be waiting for me come Spring.  That's the great thing about yard work...it'll keep.
Well, off to costco for milk...Peace Friends!


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