Corners of my home...

I've got the house all situated for Fall.
I had a fun afternoon on Sunday putting up little things here and there.  I really like to have artwork that kids have made for previous holidays on display.  So I have tucked a few favorites about...a turkey made from cardboard toilet paper rolls, a pilgrim hat, watercolor Indian corn and so on.  It makes me happy to see what my children have made.
I also reorganized my sewing area.  I again got rid of things, organized a little better and moved my books to a different book shelf.  I now feel like it is getting to be a cozy nook instead of feeling over crowded and un-inspiring.  So I have been back to making a few things, once I get my chores done of course.  :)
I have been noshing on a tasty snack as of late.  I grab a few Somersault crackers and half a sliced plum to eat when my energy wanes mid-afternoon.  My Mama turned me on to the crackers while she was visiting.  Yummy, satisfying, and healthy.
Well, I best get the floor mopped so I can get back to crafting!
Peace friends!


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