A little of this and that...

We are working on being on the mend here.
Miss Rubia now has the cold...pitiful she is.  So I just keep here cozy and she is getting her
fill of Veggie Tales and Berenstain Bears videos and movies.
I'm trying to clean off my desk so I can sew a few things and plotting a few fun Christmas decorations for the house.
Elijah is becoming an awesome reader and speller.  Evelyn too for that matter.  The words she knows and can write is amazing.  She and I co-read a picture book the other night.  I had her read the words she knows while I filled in the rest.  I am so proud of the girl.  Of all the kiddies really...they amaze me each and everyday.
Well, off to have my second cup of coffee and then maybe I'll think about not wearing my pajamas all day.
Peace Friends!


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