These days...

Oh my stars!  It is snowing...again.  It seems like ol' Mr. Groundhog has let me down!  Perhaps this is Old Man Winter's final push?  Oh well.  We are going a little crazy from being indoors, but it won't last forever.
I've been quilting and working on the binding of the lap quilt.  It's slow going with a 10 month old always crawling into whatever, I'm doing.  It's just the nature of it.  He has been so much happier lately.  He had a double ear infection and now that that is being taken care of, he is happy to move around and long as he is full and well rested.
Anyway, I hope to get the binding on the quilt in the next few days and then it is done.  That lovely pile of fabric up there is for place mats for the new table.  I love the fabric so much, that what ever is left over I am going to turn into a cozy nine patch quilt.  I am finishing up projects, but also adding more to the Que...sheesh.  Oh, well...I love to create and I can't sit still with nothing to do or nothing in my hands.  So, I guess I will always have projects in the wings until the day I die.  Being creative is such a part of who I am, it always has been.  I can remember pulling out scraps of fabric that my Mom had thrown away and sewing them into little clothes from my dolls.  I couldn't have been more then 8 or 9. And if I wasn't doing things like that I was writing stories or creating things out of paper.  Busy, always busy.  And what better way to be?  Works for me!
Peace friends...hope your day is lovely!


Ohhh - that fabric looks dreamy!

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