Kid's Spaces...

I have rearranged a few of the kids spaces.
I brought Evelyn's doll house upstairs and set it up for imaginative play.  It has seen more action in the last few days then it had in months.  The kids are still a little bit wary of being in their rooms by themselves downstairs and so a lot of their toys don't get played with unless the kids can carry them upstairs.  I have decided to rotate things more and that seems to be helping.
At night after they are all tucked into their beds, I have been arranging the furniture and dolls around the doll house and all of the kids have been drawn to it. I hear many happy noises coming from that part of the living room these days.
I created a little area full of books, blocks etc. and I will rotate things as needed.  I love baskets for tucking toys into instead of plastic tubs.  They allow easy access and I just like how they look as well.  I find the best selection of baskets and containers at Goodwill and other thrift stores.  They are usually in perfect condition and with super prices.  I don't think I have paid more then $2.99 for any of them.

They spend their mornings playing, reading books, drawing or doing art.  These are things that we had gotten away from.  I am happy that the TV is off more then it is on these days...they are busy being kids. 
Days are calmer, our days are happier.


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