I have been trying to load pictures to the blog for a few days now, but blogspot seems to be having issues.  I will keep trying however.
We are just trying to keep warm here.  Listening to lots of Pandora radio.  Reading lots of picture books.  Laying all over the new couch.
Elijah will be starting Winter Basketball on Saturday.  David will be helping coach, it should be fun for both.  Evelyn with be starting a Pre-school math and science class in a few weeks too.  There seems to be a great community education set-up here (which is who is putting on these activities)  I hope we will find them to be wonderful.
The snow is melting a bit, but we are supposed to get more on Saturday.  Is it so very wrong to start hoping for Spring already?  Oh, well...a snowy, cold Winter just makes Spring all that much sweeter right?
Be back later!


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