Projects etc...

 My latest project as it looked yesterday afternoon...a small quilt made from squares and rectangles of wool.  I got it pieced last night and this afternoon.  I had forgotten how much fun piecing is. These were pieces of wool that I inherited from somewhere years ago.  They were already cut to the sizes you see, I just had to play around with them until I was happy with how it looked.  It is definitely random.  That one red, yellow, and black block looks odd perhaps, but it totally works in the finished piece.  I was surprised with how much it shrank in size after I got the pieces sewn together.  So, tonight I am going to create a wide border around all of the sides using a blue flannel that will also be the backing.  I am loving this project, partly because it is going so fast but, also because it is turning into an interesting piece.  Should I tie quilt it or stitch in the ditch?  Hmmmm, input please?
And as an aside...our dining room chairs finally arrived after being back ordered several times.  We bought them back at the very beginning of November. The table was delivered Christmas Eve, but no chairs.  It is so very nice to have them around the table and I love them more then I thought I would.  I had only seen a picture of the chair and not in person.  I was a little nervous that they would turn out to be awful...but, no, they are pretty rockin'!  I adore the juxtaposition of a wood table combined with metal chairs and I love having a round table big enough to seat all six of us at meals.  The table is made from reclaimed wood, which is also something I had been hoping to find. It is what I had been looking for and I am  so happy with it.
Also, I watched a wonderful mini series this week with Netflix On Demand streaming.  It's called North and South.  No, not the old series from the 80's, this one was made by BBC recently and is based on a book by Elizabeth Gaskell.  If you are loving Downton Abbey, you just might like this one. It has only 4 episodes of about an hour each, so it goes fast.  The main male character, Thornton, is just as dark and brooding as Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre, and with even a hint of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.  It's full of unrequited love and misunderstanding, however, it concludes wonderfully.  Check it out.
Peace friends...time to go cook dinner.  Chicken Parmesan with egg noodles, green beans and fresh orange slices.  We are gobbling up the citrus these days, no one wants to get sick again.


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