The neighbors out on the pond...a couple of weeks ago.
 Christmas candy
 The sleep of the sick
 Lots of book reading
 Washing my Le Creuset pot.  *Squeee* Love it!
A snowflake made by Evelyn
My craft books now have a home

Being so bitter cold has kept us all indoors I am afraid.  Cabin fever is setting in a bit.  I have been pondering how to get the kids outside and get some exercise, but even the high temperatures this week have been negative and with wind chills in the minus 20s and 30s, outside is just not going to happen.  I have heard rumor of an indoor walking and running track at the community center.  I need to find out more about that, as that might be our best option for the weeks to come.

So I keep plodding on the house.  A little here and a little there.  It is too cold to spend much time in the garage with the remaining boxes, so I am finding other things.  I just went through piles of old papers, bills and misc.  I shredded two garbage bags full of stuff and cleaned out quite a bit of unneeded paper clutter.  I got my clothes all put away in a new dresser that we bought.  I still need to organize the closet a bit more, but at least my pajamas are all in the same spot now.  I have done some cleaning in the kids rooms too!

Elijah is enjoying basketball on Saturdays and we are all starting to create valentines for school mates and family.  Evelyn was screened for attending kindergarten next Fall and she did very well. I feel she will be more then ready. Rey had his 9 mo. check up.  He is tracking tall and skinny like his siblings.  Rubia is just as bright as ever.  She has started drawing people...really well for age 2 and one of her favorite things to do is to search for objects in a hidden picture puzzle book.

Well, the kiddies and running about and I best see to the breakfast dishes.


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