To Make: Butterfly Snack Bags...

Elijah and I had a super secret project that we did for the Easter Bunny. 
He is all about secrets these days.  He loves a secret whispered into his ear or whispering his own into without a word to anyone, just he and I made a little something to stick in the Easter baskets of his cousins.
 We made a spring snack mix:
8 cups Multi-Grain Cheerios
2 cups spring M&Ms of your choice (we used peanut butter)
2 cups yogurt covered raisins (or one bag)
1 cup golden raisins
2 cups pastel colored marshmallows
Mix together and munch.
We then filled snack sized zipper bags about 3/4 full.
Then we clipped them down the middle using clothespins we had decorated with glitter glue, googlie eyes, and pipe cleaners...voile! Butterflies!
Easy, so fun and Elijah was so proud of his own project.  He was an awesome helper too....I love that kid!


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