These Days...

In between making and keeping lists, packing tubs for the move, and the miscellaneous projects to be wrapped up, we have been playing a lot here.  The weather turned nice and we have been spending afternoons out on the deck.
blew bubbles,
flew kites,
kicked balls,
built a fairy house,
played with friends,
sang songs,
ate snacks,
tried out new flip flops,
and soaked up some much needed vitamin D.
I never seemed to have the camera in hand, so these happy moments went by undocumented.  But I have the sweet memories.
When we move we will be living with family before we buy another house.  Therefore, I have been having to make decisions on what to take with us and what needs to go into storage.  This is one of those times when I have been able to reevaluate what is important and what I need around me to be happy.  I certainly need my Sweetie and my kiddies, but also my need to create is such a part of my life, that I know that I need to have me sewing, knitting, and crafting goodies at my fingertips as well.  But, as far as other things that tend to clutter a home, I am more and more at peace with the idea of selecting a few well loved and special family pieces and clearing out the rest.  After all, I work with my children to purge their toys on a regular basis (as those things tend to breed like rabbits)...shouldn't I do the same?  I hold on to things because they have been given to me or because they have some sort of memory attached and I am learning as I get older that what that amounts to is just a lot of clutter that needs to be maintained and dusted.  I have a feeling that this move is going to help me lose some of the excess weight that possessions can have and to streamline my "stuff."
Well, that was a tangent that I hadn't planned on, but as we get closer and closer to moving, it has been on my mind a great deal. But, it's not all lists and packing...playing and projects are big on the to-do list.  I have been making some cool things for the kiddies Easter baskets and of course a couple more goodies for Evelyn's birthday are just about done as well.  Such fun I am having...I can't wait to share!


Amy said…
oh the dreaded purging and deciding what to keep out of storage. I think I felt the same way when I had to store stuff. Two things here. Keep things you are not sure if you will really need towards the front so if you do have to dig around, it will be easier. The other thing is that once you get it out of storage you will be so amazed at how much more stuff you are able to get rid of after have not had it for a long time. :)

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