To Do: Nature Scavenger Hunt...

Yesterday was finally a warm, sunny day with no wind or rain...we spent as much time outside as possible.  I even managed to get my first sunburn of the year.
Then I decided that we should do a little scavenger hunt.  I like them to notice nature as much as possible, so I gave them each a list of simple things to find: rock, stick, flower, grass, leaf.  I had drawn a picture of each item, but, also wrote the word, because they recognize letters and want to know about words lately. Off they went.
I enjoyed talking to them about what they found, asking about the rocks, and other goodies they came across.  I wsked them why the chose the things they did and tried to help them notice the differences and similarities of things.
I think we will do this activity again at a park and I will come up with a longer list of items to find.
Rubia was also on hand to watch the goings on.


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