To do: Feed a friend...

I week or so ago I the pleasure of preparing and delivering a meal for a friend and her family.  She is very pregnant and due to some health issues at the end of her third trimester, she has needed help with making meals.  It seems so simple and benign to create a meal for someone, but, it can have such a huge impact.  I would like to encourage us all to do this on a more regular basis.
Make a meal for someone who is sick or perhaps for a friend who has had a long week and could use a break.  A meal could be made as a gift to someone as a simple act of caring for no reason at all. 
This idea could be taken one step further.  You could purchase the ingredients for a simple meal such as spaghetti or tacos and take these things to a local food bank.  I have been taking my children with me regularly as I deliver groceries to the food bank because I want them to see and understand that there are many people that don't have enough to eat.  I believe that it is our duty to help as we can.  I also want them to know how blessed they are to have food in abundance.  I think Elijah is starting to better understand what we are doing and why.
What an impact we could have in our communities by just providing a meal to someone in need!  In this world of being consumed with our own lives, let us reach out to others with the simple act of providing nourishment and make someones world just a little better and a little brighter.  Who knows what positive things may come of it?


Prairie Rose said…
Absolutely wonderful! You are such a caring, generous person and your post is inspiring. Your children are so blessed to have such an amazing mom! Kudos!

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