Yellow Dress...

Here is the last dress for Evelyn that I talked about awhile back. I finished it a couple of weeks ago and she has already worn it to church...she wore it with stripy tights and looked adorable. I decided several months ago that I wanted to make her a yellow dress...the idea just sang to me and I had a vision in my head of what I wanted and not being a pattern maker, I thought my best shot would be a pillow case dress. I would post pictures of her wearing these creations, but the girl does not stay still. She is 21 months old and a great deal of her recent pictures are blurry. I keep them anyway, so I can remember this stretch in her life.
Anyway, I made this pattern up. I took what I thought would be around the right amount of fabric for a pillow case dress and then using my armhole curve I just guesstimated how I would like indents for the armholes to be. It turned out much too large, so I had to take it in. Instead of threading ribbon through the casings around the neck to be tied as bows when worn, I taught myself how to make spaghetti straps and then made a loop and button closure instead. I was foreseeing that ribbon ties would be continually coming undone. Like I said before, she is always on the move, jumping, running and throwing herself off of things. The system that I came up with worked well when she wore it and there were no clothing malfunctions.
The pink flower is a ruched fabric pin that was made for me by a co-worker a few years ago. I had set out to recreate one for Evelyn's dress, but then I thought the pink looked perfect with the yellow and I pinned it on and love how it looks. It will be easy to remove for washing and just adds a nice touch of whimsy.
As the dress was on the hanger to to photographed I kept thinking how cute it would be as a top for say, me. So after I have this baby and start to get my figure back, I think I will have to make a version for myself too...wider and longer of course.
After I finished this dress I made a little pair of pants out of the same fabric for the new baby's coming home outfit. Being as we don't know the sex, I thought yellow would work well. The sewing machine has now been put away. I am still shocked at myself that everything I wanted to get sewn, got sewn. Many times I start things and then take months to finish them...this has to be the nesting kicking in. Now I just have the yard sale to get done this weekend and a few other odds and ends like making up activity craft packets that I can throw at the kids when I am busy with the baby. I had also decided to whip up a bunch of meals for the freezer and I now have 12 or so stocked away waiting to be put to use after the baby comes. I think they will come in handy. I worked on them piece meal throughout the last few days and I am happy to have those done as well. Again, that has to be the nesting...I am normally not this organized, I promise.
Well, It is time for sweet sleep, 6:00 am, will be here before I know it.


Amanda said…
oh is just perfect...and oh how i love the blurriness of bustling little 2 year old (almost) pictures. am thinking of you as you near the welcoming of this new little guy/gal...oh so exciting!

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