More Nesting...(A whole lot of random).

Lots more sewing has happened around here. Let me preface this by saying that most of the fabric was from my stash and I made these clothes instead of having to buy many things for my growing children. I do enjoy it yes, but also I had our budget in mind as well. Also Spring light is so persnickety, so forgive the poorish quality of the pictures. I made Elijah and Evelyn both several pairs of pajama bottoms for this coming late Spring/Summer/Early Fall seasons. Lightweight cotton, elastic waist...simple. I used Simplicity 2826 for all of these.
Planets, Doggies, and Pirates for Elijah...
Butterflies, Appley Checks...
and fun florals for Evelyn. The above two pairs were made from a couple of vintage sheets that I got at a tag sale last year.
Another pair of Summer overalls for Evelyn as well as...
A dress made from my leftover pillow fabric. And...
A dress made from a sweet bird print from my stash. These were made from the vintage pattern mentioned a couple of posts ago.
I do have one more dress to complete. I made a pillowcase dress that still needs a couple of things done on it and then I am done with the sewing until perhaps this Fall. I know with a newborn I can't hope to complete much. That is why I have been pushing myself so hard to get it all done.
Evelyn is turning into a little girl as she loves wearing skirts and dresses and she enjoys wearing an array of bead necklaces that she has been given.
Elijah thankfully didn't need much in the way of Summer clothes this year. He has been blessed with lots of clothes that his cousin has grown out of.
I rounded out the outfitting with swimsuits and new shoes. Their drawers have been purged of too small items and everything is organized and ready to go. Our weather has been quite nice, so many things have already been put to use.

We try to keep busy in other ways too. I uncovered to boxes of colored pencils from when I was in high school and the kids love putting them to use. We color on the backs of used papers and the pencils are stashed in an old Mason Jar when not in use. It has the old metal lid they used to come with. Perfect if you asked me. We still hit the library for Story time and new books and DVDs to check out each week as well as get-togethers with other little friends and MOPS. Gosh I love MOPS. It will be ending for the Summer soon and I am sad to see it go. Those ladies have been such a blessing to my life. I also have started going to a church with my neighbor. We both had been wanting to start going, so we made up our minds and did it. We load up the kids and go and so far we are both thrilled with what we are learning and the fellowship as well.
I made homemade lemonade today. I got a bag of lemons on sale and I told Elijah we should made lemonade from scratch. He was all for it. The recipe actually makes a syrup that it mixed with water a glass at a time. We haven't tasted it yet, but it looks and smells perfect. The recipe is from Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach.
Boil two cups of granulated sugar with one cup of water with the rinds of three ribbons cut into thin strips for five minutes. Let the syrup cool and then add the juice of eight lemons. Strain and store in a covered container in the refrigerator. Use two tablespoons of the syrup for every glass of ice or carbonated water to make lemonade.
I also made a wonderful Baked Raspberry Custard from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food April issue. I ate it so fast that there are no pictures to share, it was that good. I topped it with a dollop of sour cream and went to heaven eating it. I think it would be good with any berry. I have some strawberries so I think another one will be made this week.
I am also eating Watermelon like it is going out of style. This new craving can stay as I know it isn't as bad for me as all those Blizzards. I guess we have already embraced Summer around here.


Kara said…
oh, those little birdies on the dress - so cute! :-)

Note to self: try baked raspberry custard asap!

Best wishes, Kara
~beautyandjoy~ said…
Well, you know I love that dress made with the leftover pillow fabric. : )

This is all beautiful!
I always love little peaks into your crafting and sewing. I am still just a little bit afraid of my sewing machine, but don't tell anyone. ;)
And yes, still very excited about helping you out with bloggy stuff! Did you just want a new header or anything else? If you want me to make you a new header with photos, just email me with the photos you want to use and some explanation of what you want it to look like.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing all that's been going on in your neighborhood! :) You're almost to Dday!!

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