Not to complain or anything...

My Joann's Shopping Bag of goodies from a few months ago.
(Entirely unrelated to this post)

Goodness, you all are so nice. I guess I hadn't realized how long it had been since I posted a picture of me. The flower hid a multitude of things. I must be honest and state that I am not in my most favorite condition these days. I have hormone induced acne, so a glowing pregnant woman I am not. And I feel like a beached whale most days. I hobble about like a 90 year old woman because my hip bones and sockets are in perpetual pain because of where the baby is resting. I don't sleep well because that's when this baby likes to kick, I'm boiling hot most of the time, and my appetite comes and goes.
I hope to not come off as complaining, so many other woman have a much harder time being pregnant than I, I know this...but, I also know that I am ready, ready for this baby to get here, ready to know if it is a boy or a girl, ready to start running again, ready to get through the sleep deprived weeks, ready to nurse...but mostly ready to hold the little one in my arms and to count fingers and toes.. I will be 35 weeks on close.
So I guess through all of this I am trying to say that I don't feel so picture worthy these days. However, aren't I my own worst critic? Will I want to see a picture of my pregnant self 40 years from now? I don't know...maybe, I'll ponder it for awhile. The thought that I am being selfish today towards my older self years from now begins to wrap my brain into a pretzel.
God is so sweet in his plans however. All of the discomfort and pain builds the beauty of the end result. It makes it all that much more worth it.
So I leave you all with that, I must go try to sleep for awhile...

Oh and P.S.
Elijah didn't care for the homemade lemonade...oh well, I'm digging it. :)


Anonymous said…
You ARE too hard on yourself. Who are we to say that the Potter has made a mistake in our composition? You are beautiful because God made you! He also made you to be pregnant, & you are depriving us of seeing YOU!! :)

You're almost at the home stretch! You can do it!
Ahhh.......So well I remember all of those feelings. :) It definitely gets rough there at the end.
I am so excited to meet new baby too!!

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