Spring Flowers...

My Sweet ones made these flowers at story time last week...paper plates, flower petals of construction paper, and Popsicle sticks lovely.

Elijah took this picture of his silly Mama...not bad at all.
Have a great weekend friends.


~beautyandjoy~ said…
Awesome! :) The one of you is just as darling! :)
FINALLY we see a bit of a pic of you! You need to get some more up there. Wow, Elijah looks SO much like you, & I can't believe HOW big Evelyn is!! :)
Leslie said…
oh can we see baby #3? I bet you look radiant.

love these .. so very much.
Fairlightday said…
And a Happy {late} Mother's Day to you! I haven't been in blog land much, but you have gotten so much done lately! Go Mama Go! :)
Hope all is well and you had a good weekend. Hugs!

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