Summer Sewing...

There has been a little bit of sewing going on around here. Summer needs to be filled with cool cotton pants and shorts that can go from indoor lounge wear, outdoor lounge wear. The cropped pants that I am sporting above I actually made a few years ago, but thanks to breastfeeding and exercising, they fit again (only 8 pounds left, 8!). I'm going to make more if I can locate the pattern. Please note the baby toes up there too...
Shorts have been made for Elijah too. While enduring a trip to JoAnn's he set his sights on some Cars fabric (have a mentioned how much he loves that movie?) as well as fabric with firetrucks on it. I knew right then and there I had to sew him a couple pairs of shorts.

I used a Simplicity pajama pants pattern. I just folded up the pant leg pieces to the length that I wanted and cut. Elastic waist, simple hem and done! I did have to rip out the hem of one leg on the Cars pair, it somehow ended up longer then the other leg (how I do these things, I measured, I swear!). Elijah wore the Firetruck pair on the Fourth of July. You can't get more America then that, red, white, blue, and firetrucks...throw in an apple pie and I'm not sure I could handle it! I hope you all had a nice holiday.

I wanted to say thank you to those that gave me ideas with regards to activities to do with my little boy. I have found a few other resources and ideas myself as well. I have hopes to compile a nice little list to share...we all need fresh ideas sometimes, yes? I also have a couple of recipes to share as well as pictures of all of the exciting things going on at our house, David has been painting and I have been decorating! More to come in the next few swing back by.


Fairlightday said…
Lookin' good! Yay for sewing, right? Even if hems are a little uneven. lol
Love them baby toes.
Can't wait to see the recipes and new decor! <3

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