Update: I was able to get myself motivated a bit more this afternoon. I finished sewing a second top and I got all of the beds made. I hope no one thinks that I am dictating that everyone should always make their beds everyday. I just happen to feel a calmness with the beds made. I get anxious when I see all the rumbled sheets and blankets and it's an instant accomplishment. But, if you don't mind an unmade bed, then more power to gotta do what works for you!

Do you ever have those days where you can't seem to do anything? I have been struggling with the blahs lately. So dishes sit by the sink longer than they should and beds go unmade, sometimes all day. *gasp* I tell myself that this is my job and if I was to receive a performance review in, say six months, what would it be? I know that this is just a mid-Summer funk...but, I don't like it. Today has been better:
I have washed sheets
swept the floor
done some sewing
played with the babies
On Sunday, David, the kids and I went for a drive. I loved it. David took me to a store that he had heard about that he thought I might enjoy. He's thoughtful like that. We drove through the countryside looking at cornfields, checking out small towns, enjoying being together...I adore days like that.
Now if I could just get my act together today I would feel a hec of a lot better.


Lisa said…
I could not agree more - if my bed is made the entire house feels more put together!

Glad to hear you are feeling better - we all get into funk's, plus you must still be adjusting to being home everyday - how are you enjoying it by the way.....

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