Spring Sewing and Baby Love...

I have been motivated to do a little sewing lately.
A few things I can't share as they are not yet with their intended recipients.
However, I will show off my new bag...
The picture is not the greatest. I made the bag in nearly 2 seconds from a lonely vintage pillow case. It's perfect for spring. I feel hip and funky as I carry it around.

And now just a few recent snap shots of my babies.
Evelyn is nearly 8 months old. She is just about sitting up on her own and chattering constantly.

I think Elijah has hit a growth spurt. He is eating really well at meals and is sleeping longer during his naps and at night. He is still doing amazingly well with potty training. I'm so proud of him.
He is such a delightful, happy boy.
For that matter she is such a happy girl.
To say I am blessed is an understatement.
David has started his new job. I ahve to give him kudos for losing his job and finding a new one that pays more in the worst economy since the Great Depression. An amazing and talented man I am married to. He has been traveling for the last three weeks, which is hard for me. I struggle getting me and the babies out the door each morning, David is a big help when he is home. And I just miss him when he is gone. It is true that things change in a marriage over time. You get comfortable and you have to be careful not to become too complacent. We have our hills and valleys like anyone else, but the truth is that he still makes me laugh. I still get giddy when I am on my way home to him. I still find him to be smoking hot. I don't talk about him much in this blog, David is a very private person and it is not my place to share his stories here. It's my blog not his, but he is well and working hard. I love you Sladkey Malchek...3 kisses.


Sweet, sweet! I couldn't agree more about marriage. It's work isn't it? And the most rewarding wonderful relationship I have ever invested work into. What a gift!

You are right, his job situation is a HUGE blessing with the way things are right now. Just huge!

Love the pictures of your adorable kidos. :)

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