Shake Rage Alley Part 2

Couldn't you just move right in???

After dinner I walked the gounds of Shake Rag. This nest of goodness is filled with art and a creative spirit that soaks into your skin as you stroll around. It can't be helped...really. The snow was lovely although I was a bit disappointed that it was so unseasonably cold for my Garden Getaway. However, after my walk, I tucked myself into my room. I lounged among the feather pillows reading etc. And while I was enjoying my time enormously, I missed my babies and my sweet man. This weekend away, while refreshing and renewing to my soul also reminded me of the three blessings that were waiting for me at home.

But before I could go home, I had two more workshops to attend on Sunday. I will post pictures soon once I am able to get each item in their proper place. The first workshop was making a felted wren's nest. It involved felting, Mrs. Meyers Soap, beating up wool roving in knee high stockings and a delightful teacher named Nonda. My second workshop was creating a bent willow trellis. Wow! I never imagined that I would be able to create something so incredibly cool. I have this longing to go collect more black willow sticks and make more. By the end, my muscles were sour from the bending and twisting of willow branches, hammering and sawing. I am very proud of my piece. Once it is placed in the yard I will post a picture.

Soon after loading my final goodies into my car and drove south and homeward...a wonderful weekend indeed...


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