The Babies Room...

I have also been able to work on Elijah and Evelyn's room. We moved them in together and it has been hugely successful so far. I wanted to make it comfortable and cute as well. David got the walls painted a sweet pale orange. I figured it would go well either boy colors (blue, green) or girl colors (pink, purple) and it does.
I was so excited to put up the bird mobile that I made for Evelyn and to get Elijah settled into his big boy bed. I got the bedding at IKEA. It's a duvet cover that is a nice large size as well as soft and cozy.
The framed words that you see above were created at I just imputed Elijah and Evelyn's names and nicknames and then wordle randomizes them with different colors and fonts. I played with them until I was happy with color and layout. I printed them and then proceeded to to frame them in two vintage frames that I had gotten at an antique store. I find that vintage frames are easy to locate and I like them so much better then new ones that I can readily buy. They usually come without glass, but, I just take them to my local craft store with a framing shop and they cut glass for me.
There are a few other things that I am working on, but are not finished just yet. I will share as they are completed.


I love this little tour of your home! What lovely and homey touches you have created!! I especially love the nickname framed art - and may even steal it. :)

I loved your room and guest room as well!!
Leslie said…
oh love the framed nickname art.. its been awhile since I have peeked in, I forgot to follow you... oops... well no more of that.. :) Im adding you now..

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