Friday, April 24, 2009

Guest Room...

Here is a look at the newly finished guest room. David painted it a lovely pale yellow and I was able to play by putting it all together. The bed was made by my Dad for me when I was 16. I had gone on a YWAM trip to Minsk, Belarus and when I got home six weeks later, my room had been completely re-done. He had also built me a hope chest which I had filled to the brim with linens and goodies that I was able to put to work when I got together with David. I remember my awe when I walked into the room for the first time. I felt so blessed...I love that bed and I will keep it forever.
On the walls of the guest room are vintage fashion and clothing prints from textbooks and newspapers. There are what I hope are homey touches with books, comfy pillows, and soft sheets to make anyone feel at home. Anyone want to come stay?

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Lisa said...

it's beautiful, so fresh and welcoming!
and I love story behind that bed, what a treasure!!!