The coolest cowls...

I made these two cowls for teacher gifts this past Christmas.  It is the Honey Cowl pattern by MadelineTosh and it's free! The Melon colored one is the longer version that can be worn long or doubled up and the Navy one is the smaller.  I knew Elijah and Evelyn's teachers would like something to help keep their neck's warm and taosty this Winter.  They both have told me they love them and wear them often.  So glad...that is my hope when I give knitted gifts.  I think long and hard before I knit someone something.  I have had people laugh at what I have made them or just shove it in a drawer, so if I am at all unsure about whether they might like it...I pass.  It's not just the expense, but, the time and heart that I try to put into every piece.  So I don't knit for others outside my small family circle very often.
I am working on one for myself now.  What with being sick, I have only managed about 6 rows, but I hope to have it done next week.  Then I want to move on to some fingerless mittens.  I have some lovely deep red yarn that will be truely warm and a nice pop of color on these below zero days.
Time for some tea.  Peace!


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