Hello again...

The weeks have flown by since I was last here.
I have been sick more then my fair share over the last four weeks and so have the kiddies for that matter.  David has been well except for the last couple of days.  I thought he was going to make it through scott free, but not quite...keep chugging the vitamin water Babe.  :)
Today, for the first time in weeks I have been motivated to do more then just muddle through.  I have felt zombie-like for far too long  and now I am getting the normal/everyday accomplished.  It is such a good feeling.  There are birthdays get ready for and Valentines to make.  Menus to plan and Father visits to look forward to.  I have no time to be sick.  The good thing about spending so much time resting due to illness is the fact that I have been able to read.  I have finished a stack of books and I have more on the way thanks to inter-library loan.  Have you ever done that?  If you have a local library that is part of a network of libraries, you can very likely find most any book you are looking for.  I do have to wait for the new releases, but, I go online, put myself in the cue and I get an e-mail when I have books or DVDs to pick up.  Love it! 
The kitties are growing like weeds.  George is going to be a big boy when he is full grown.  They are scheduled for their "fixing" in a couple of weeks.  Thank goodness they don't know what's coming.
Well, my two oldest are getting off of the bus.  Time to jet.  I will be back soon.  Lots of things to share!


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