It is rather chilly today...with clouds that look to promise a cold rain at some point.
I got my crafty on a bit this weekend.  I embroidered on a tea cozy, knit on a dish cloth, sewed three more place mats, and almost finished my second quilt top.  Despite what I thought were my best efforts, it ended up being the exact same size as my first one.  And by exact, I my mean literally...weird.  I guess that is what comes by just winging it.  I cut out the pieces and just start sewing.  I was using scraps for the most part, so it was hard to gauge how many pieces I would end up with.  Ah well, I have a few ideas on how to make it larger, but I got the bulk of it done for now.
I put the garden to bed for the winter yesterday.  I tilled the dirt after I got all of the plants out.  I felt a little sad that the growing season was over.  It was my first garden since I was a child and I learned a lot.  I planted way too much in the space that I had and the plants became much too crowded.  I was a wee bit over zealous with the planting.  Surely the spacing suggested on the seed packets is just that...a suggestion, right?  Turns out that High Mowing Seeds knows what they are talking about.  It was hard to get in and pick the veggies.  I kept finding green beans that were too tough to eat, simply because I hadn't spotted them soon enough.  The tomato plants were a mess and the pumpkins ended up growing outside of the boxes on the lawn.  I hope to streamline it a bit more next year.  I've decided that I don't need to grow cucumbers, I'm not in love with them so much that I want to eat them everyday for two months straight and I think one zucchini plant will be plenty.  Those are the things you can't know about yourself unless you go through it, right?  There is only so much you can do with a zucchini.
I was a bit snappy after working in the yard...the kids were fighting in the sand box and throwing dirt clods at each other.  I really hate feeling like a glorified referee.  So they went in to take showers and I was a bit short with David, which put him in a bad mood.  Bad moods breed and bad.
So after dinner and putting the kiddies to bed and gave myself a time out and went to bed.  I streamed Captain America on Netflix...almost a little too much cheese for me in that one, but still a decent movie.  It won't stop me from watching Thor next. :)
I have a whole stack of books on order from the library...excited. I hope they come soon.
Well, off to clean something!


Jenny said…
Saw this project and though of you and your clan! ;-)

Hope that all is well on your end. Have a lovely weekend!

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