The new (furry) loves...

Where have I been?  Playing with these two of course!
True Story...I went to my in-law's to pick up Rey, he was being potty trained.  I was gone one night.  When I got home, David had gotten me (all of us) two 10 week old loves. I was so surprised.  David is allergic and while he has always said that I was welcome to get a cat, I didn't want him to be uncomfortable, so I never did.  He knew this and also knew that I really did want one, so he did it for me.  What a sweet man!  He even took them to the vet and bought all of their supplies.  All I had to do was name them...George and Vera.  Silly old fashioned names that I love. George has the white markings.  They are typical kittens who play hard and eat a lot.  I love them already.  There were two fuzzy, kitten shaped holes in our lives...we just didn't know it until now.


Emily said…
so fun! what a great surprise :) welcome to the family, sweet kitties!!!

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