What lovely days we have been having.  Sunshine, cool yet warm temps, beautiful leaves are beginning to speckle lawns and corners and paths.  Miss Ruby and I have been spending some time in the sun when she is not at school.  We must soak it up whilst we can, the snow and ice will be here all too soon.
I have been keeping on top of my homekeeping duties, so the house is pretty neat and tidy, leaving a wee bit of time for some sewing and embroidery.  I am also itching to get a project back on my knitting needles, so I checked out a couple books from the library, including one on needle felting.  I am plotting making something for Rey for Christmas from that book.
I made up a batch of Chai Tea syrup yesterday and it is lovely.  I based it loosely on a recipe by Dee Dee Emmons, but mostly I just winged it, using what I had in my spice cupboard.  I had some last night before bed...1/4 cup of the syrup in 1 cup warmed frothy milk and a bag of black tea.  Seriously good, while I read my Charlain Harris book (she is seriously addicting, though a little on the naughty side).  The mason jar full of the syrup in my fridge won't last long.  If you want the recipe...let me know!
Peace friends!


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