Time Flew by in a Whoosh!

 The days and weeks have flown by.
Truth be told I haven't turned on the computer much.
It felt like drudgery to have to drag it out from under the couch and turn it on.
I much preferred doing the things above:
Reading books, Making jam, working in the garden, napping, surviving Nickelodeon Universe etc.
By the Way...
Dear Mall of America: You are too big and too exhausting for this Mama of 4.  I won't be back very often, hope you don't mind.
Overwhelmed up North :)
Anyway, we did that twice in the last three months.  Safe to say, I'm good to go for awhile.
The kiddies are back in school.  Two mornings a week, it's just me and Rey...weird, but fun too.  He and I have had very little alone time.  So it's good for both of us.
We are starting to get back into a routine, story time at the library, cooking warmer meals, needing an extra blanket at night...lovely, really lovely.


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