I think the switch has flipped.
Just in time for the first day of Fall.
Autumn is here, Summer has said farewell.
It's raining more. The evenings are cool.
The garden is about wrapped up.
All that is left is to pick the pumpkins and clean up the remaining plants.
Those pictures are from last month.
I have tidied the porch, removing the dying geraniums and potted a few hardy Mums.
Gourds and Squash are nestled here and there.  I have pruned bushes and weeded the flower beds for what seems the thousandth time.
Elijah had his first spelling test...he got 100%, so proud.
Evelyn can read and write the words "I" and "can."  She is so proud of herself as am I.
Rubia lives for Pre-school and immediately goes to the paint easels. I get masterpieces on a regular basis.
Rey says: doggie, no, up, cracker, juice, bye-bye, go, Daddy, eat...no is by far his favorite.
Apple picking will be happening soon and costume plotting. Gosh I love Fall.


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