Pictures on my wall...

I love having candid shots of my loves around the house.  But, I'm a nerd.  I'm picky about the frames etc.  Vintage frames make me the most happy and when I find them for a song I snatch them up.  They might have an issue or two, but usually they are very usable and having a lovely patina to boot.  I had been wanting to do an arrangement of pictures in my living room and so I set about to putting a recently acquired stack of metal and wood frames to use.
Never one to do the norm, I didn't want to be boxed in with using traditional matting.  I like different colors and textures placed together in the same grouping.  So I selected a variety of cardstocks and patterned papers and I cut them to fit the frames using my paper cutter and an oval shape that I found online.  I then taped the pictures to the mats and stuck them into the frames.  Up on the wall they went.
I am very pleased.


Emily said…
SO SO SO cute!!!!

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