Wow. It has been awhile. Moving and unpacking have been keeping me busy.  We just got wireless Internet again yesterday, so now I can roam and type when and where I want.  The counters and floors are an ever changing cacophony of things as I unpack, organize and put away all of the "stuff" that a family of 6 carries with them.  I would want to just get rid of all of the boxes left in the garage if it weren't for needing to find the necessities like silverware and towels or the kids wanting the rest of their things.  I might miss the stockings and Christmas ornaments come December too.  But, right now I don't want to unpack another box again...ever!
 Elijah has started Kindergarten again.  He even has a little homework packet to do every week.  I have him work on it on Sundays while a cook lunch or dinner...he writes, he reads a bit.  I am very proud.  Evelyn has started up Pre-school again too.  It seems like a good fit for her.  She comes home singing and tells me all she did.
 I found a great Mission style table for my desk/craft spot.  It is sturdy and has a large drawer.  Once I get everything organized, it will be a nice spot to sew, blog, work, whatever.  We also bought some new furniture this it is not cheap to buy is it?  But, they are good pieces that will last years and years.  They are special order, so it will be around Christmas before everything is here.  We still have our old pieces from before, so we won't be sitting on the floor.
 The littles are finding all kinds of things to play with and do in our new spot.  I had the carpets cleaned before the movers came.  Our predecessors had a dog and a cat and I had been finding little black hairs everywhere and there was an odor of pet that I wanted to try and take care of.  It's a bit better.  Now it's starting to feel like "our" house and not somebody else's.
 That's my new deacon's bench.  I love it!  I haven't found the perfect spot for it yet, but I will.  It's sturdy, solid and well made.
 This is the view from our living room.  That tattered flag needs to be replaced, I know.  It's on my to do list.  It stands sentinel in our yard over the mink, ducks, and flocks of Canadian Geese that stop off to rest.  I find myself just sitting and starring at the water, watching the's almost like staring into a campfire, hypnotizing in it's own way.  My favorite time to watch is in the early morning...I drink my coffee and watch as the light slowly grows, signaling a new day...and one by one sleepy heads walk in ready for breakfast.
My Dad came out for a week.  It had been far to long since he had seen the kids and he hadn't met Rey yet.  He was brave.  We were camping out...sleeping bags, camp chairs...few creature comforts, but a warm house and good company.  The week went far too fast.
The weather has started to turn cold.  There was a slight dusting of snow when I got up this morning.  It continued to lightly snow off and on today, despite the sun shining...always a weird feeling to me.  There was little to show for it, except the reminder that it was cold.
Well, there are cookies to bake and dinner to make.  I love having my own kitchen again...even if I am still searching for the silverware.


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