My hardest...

This little guy?  He's a tough one.
It seems as though he is mad or unhappy most of the time.
I love him to bits...but, gosh he's hard.
I pray for him and for me every day...God never gives more then we can handle right?
My current prayer list?  That he will sleep through the night and begin to like solid foods. 
I think he might be so very crabby because he is hungry and nursing as wonderful as it is, is just not enough anymore.
He has started crawl and then kind of a "get-up-on-all-fours-then-lurch-onto-the-belly" crawl too.  I think he'll be walking in January.  He wants to be involved with his siblings, this one does...maybe that will go along way in helping his happiness level. 
Until then, I'll just keeping praying.


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