September 21, 2012

Most days are filled with the usual and the mundane.  Grocery shopping, dishes, making lunch, the baking of cookies, hugging babies, play, knitting...but, I like it that way.  Rey is getting a little easier.  He doesn't demand to be held all the time and wants to nap in his bed instead of in my arms.  I can get a bit more done with my hours now. 
I am already making lists for the kiddies for Christmas.  I like to throw in homemade goodies for them as much as I can, so planning is a must.
Oh, and big, major, huge, ginormous news!!!!  We bought a house!!!!  A big, beautiful house, on a pond with 6 bedrooms, huge kitchen, and finished basement.  There are so many details about this house that make it amazing...David and I are over the moon at the blessing of find this amazing house for a steal.  All we need to do is paint some rooms, clean the carpets and move in.  It checked all of our boxes and has so many extras we didn't expect to find. We are relocating to a new state and are excited about the adventure, it seems like a good area for our family, but most of all we are ready to get settled.  This will be the 7th state that I have lived in in my life.  Whew, I don't have a goal there!  Should I shoot for a nice even 10 states in my life?  15?  I'll play it by ear, as long as I have my babies and David, I will go where I have to.
we should be in the house and settling in by Thanksgiving.  I am happy that I will have a house for the holidays, I already know where the Christmas tree will excited about all the little details.
I will keep you posted with updates and news as things move along!


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