Losing to win...

I'm still plugging away at losing the weight and I am starting to see the results.  I am down 45 pounds from when I had Rey...and the weight training is starting to show on my arms and legs too.  Yay!!!  To be honest, I don't like exercise.  I usually have to talk myself into it everyday.  But, I have found that if I make it a priority and I make it a part of my schedule, just like taking a shower or making lunch, it is more likely to happen.  I can't let myself off of the hook, I just have to do it.  And to be honest again, once I finish my 45 minutes on the elliptical machine, I feel so amazing and relaxed and I keep that in mind when I have to get back on the next day.  Plus, the YMCA has great machines that have big screens with video that take me all over the world on my workouts.  It's just like I am running through Acadia National Park or Venice Italy.  Yesterday, I ran around Seattle and the day before it was the Swiss Alps...it helps to keep it interesting.
A good play list on the ol' iPod is a must too.  I mix it up with Coldplay, Jay Nash, Newsboys, Brennan James, and Colbie Calliet (just to name a few). After almost 5 months of the same play list, however, it was time for a change, so yesterday, I bought some Flo Rida and Usher...upbeat, and fast paced.  I am going to throw in some David Gray too and do a whole new mix with some other old favorites.  I am looking forward to that.
So all that said, I am trying to make exercise a part of my everyday life, instead of as just a means to an end.  I will continue to exercise to stay healthy, even once I reach my goal.  It just has to be that way. Plus, I am liking the way I feel...the sleeping better, the lower heart rate, the toned muscles, the feeling like I might actually want to wear a swimsuit next summer.  So I am going to keep it going.
Well, time to go get all of the sheets changed!


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