4 years old and so beautiful!

 The following are from a fashion show she did for me.
She loves to play dress up.

 She has a quirky sense of style that totally works.
 Birthday Card I made and sent to Sprout.
 They showed it on the Sunny Side Up Show!
 Birthday tea party
Crown from school

My Little Bird Evelyn turned 4 last Friday.  Where do the years go?  She is independent with a sweet personality.  She loves to sing and dance, do puzzles, play dress ups, and carry around a notebook scribbling.  I'm noticing that she is a lot like me in many ways, yet her own sweet person at the same time.  She still has wild meltdowns and spurts of anger towards her siblings, yet, can be gentle and soft hearted moments later.  My Morsel loves anything princess, My Little Pony or Tinker Bell.  I don't much care for themed toys and plastic whatsits, but she was through the moon when she opened her My Little Pony and the Infant Rapunzel doll.  Oh well...what's a Mama to do?
She is beautiful, kind, with an infectious giggle and I am so happy to call her mine!


Emily said…
happy birthday, sweet girl!!!!

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