Taking a step back...

Today I packed up Evelyn's dress-up basket, the kid's bedding, and the rest of my paired down sewing and crafting supplies.  I still have much to do, but I had to stop and spend some uninterrupted time with my babies.  We played outside, read books, ate chocolate chip cookies, and did puzzles.
I began to feel a bit blue at leaving this little house of ours and I needed to just "be" with my babies for awhile.  So many memories have happened here, so much growing and changing in the lives of my little ones...walking, talking, playing.
I thought of all of the meals I have cooked, and all of the times I have begrudgingly cleaned the bathrooms (my least favorite chore).  We have grown and changed as a family and while David and I are ready to move on to what is next, I think back to our years here with fondness.
So while I looked back a bit today, the to-do list will wait for no-one.  Next weekend and the move will be here fast and furious, so organizing and crossing things off of my list continues tomorrow.


Thanks for sharing! I've been thinking of you... I know our day for moving out of here will be here sooner than I want. We've been here almost 7 years! But we'll most likely be out of here at the end of summer. Good luck with your move, & can't wait to see pics of your personalization of the new place!

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