Doll for Evelyn...

I finished up the last present for Evelyn's birthday.  It will be tucked away with the other things I made for her until August when she turns 3.
I would have adored this doll when I was a little girl.  It is along the same lines as a paper doll, but with fabric. It is a pattern from the incomparable Wee Wonderfuls book that I have blogged about before.
I made several outfits for the doll to be able to change as mood strikes and there is a pocket in the back to store all of the outfits when play is done.  Each outfit is backed with felt, the doll silhouette on the pillow is made from felt...and since felt sticks to felt, it works!  As long as Evelyn doesn't sprint through the house while carrying it that is.
I enjoyed making the outfits so much that I really could have kept going and going.  But, with the move about to happen, I wanted to finish it up so that the pillow could be tucked away safe and sound. There is everything however, that any stylish doll must have at this point: 2 t-shirts, 2 blouses, 1 pair of cords, 1 pair of jeans, a swimsuit, an understated dress, a party dress, a rain jacket and hat, 2 clutches, 2 purses, and 1 tote bag.  The basics really. I think that if Evelyn really likes playing with it, I will make more clothes for her for Christmas.
I had to of course test the doll and all of her outfits first...just to make sure everything worked.  It's all about quality control. ;)


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