We have been busy around here...Spring is in the air and we have been able to go outside a couple of times to play in the last week.  May it continue!  We all have cabin fever.
We got some news about a month ago, David's company is going to relocate us to another state.  Luckily it will be in the same state and city as David's family.  We haven't had anyone here where we live now as far as family goes, so it will be wonderful to have that back in our lives.  Things will be happening pretty quickly as we want to get the kids settled before things start up again in the fall.  We will be putting Elijah into Pre-school and both older kiddies will be  doing AWANAs in the fall as well.  So we want to get settled. So while I move through our days I am constantly thinking about packing and logistics for this move. 
Big and exciting things for us...more to come!


Been wondering where you've been, & how you are doing. May this move go smoothly & well for you!
Amy said…
Big exciting news! congratulations to all. Have you figured out all the details yet like when it is going to happen, what about your house, will you live close to your in-laws? What an adventure for everyone :)
I have a love/hate relationship with moving.
Loafie said…
Best of luck on the move. It will make me sad to have you move, but even though we live so close, we still can seem to get together. I hope it goes smoothly!

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