Love to Teachers...

Because of the impending move, I pulled my kids out of the home school co-op a few weeks early.  I wanted to give something to their teachers to say thank you for taking such good care of my little ones.  I saw this idea somewhere awhile ago and I thought it a good one.  Each teacher got a clipboard and a gift card.
I bought a pack of clipboards at Office Depot.  Then I rummaged through my scrapbook papers and I settled on using three art deco designs that I have had for a few years.  I have always loved these prints, but had never found the perfect place to use them until now.  I measured the clipboards and cut the paper to fit.  I planned to use Modge Podge which works as a glue and as a sealant.  In order to be able to work out any bubbles or folds, I cut the paper again into strips that I attached one at a time with the Modge Podge, a paint brush, and my fingers as needed.
In order to get the top areas by the clip covered, I placed a piece of paper where I wanted it to be and then using my finger nail I traced and made indentations around the metal pieces.  I cut them out to fit and followed the same technique as I had with the rest of the clipboard.  Next, I allowed each to dry fully before clipping on the gift card, a vellum quote, and a thank you card.  I was very please with how each one turned out.
I hope that this fun gift that will also be useful for each of the wonderful ladies as they continue to  home school their children.  Teachers, no matter where they teach need a little love after all.


I love this idea! Inspiring. Time to get out the mod podge again... It's been too long!

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