Getting out when we can...

 A couple of weeks ago the kids talked me into an impulse/checkout line purchase of a mega box of sidewalk chalk.
It has been fun, but it has been so dang cold that we have only gotten outside a few times to draw.
Seriously, it's nearly April and we are still rocking temps in the 30s and 40s for highs...crazy.
Elijah is dying to play hopscotch.
I want it to be warmer before I go there.
We accidentally left a purple stick of chalk outside and then it rained that evening.  The next day we discovered it and tried it out on the sidewalk.  When wet, the chalk turns into more like a pastel.  It goes on thick and with an almost silky feel.
I will be soaking more chalk in water to do this again...if the weather ever gets warmer and we can get outside again.
Meanwhile I have been in a bit of a sewing many cool things coming off of my sewing machine these days.  I will sharing, if I can ever stop long enough to take pictures.


Leslie said…
oh fun.. I totally want to try that chalk idea.

your such a clever mama.
we hit first day of 90's yesterday that doesn't give me much hope between now and umm say.... September next year..... Im not ready for summer.... oh dear.

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