A Visit Remembered...

Mumsy left on Saturday. We had such a nice visit and the babies loved every minute they got to spend with her. They read books, they danced, they played checkers, they built with blocks, and they gave lots of hugs and kisses.
Mom and I had a great time as well. We watched musicals, we sorted baby clothes, we baked and cooked, we went to story time and MOPS, many cups of tea were drunk, and she brought me many goodies from my childhood. I will share photos of the toys and clothes that she had saved and now has passed to me. I was tickled.
My Mom knows me so well and she always brings me little love gifts that are so sweet and perfect in every way. A vintage pattern, a cigar box of old buttons, a baggie of appliques, 2 children's story books that belonged to my Great Grandma Zilpha...lovelies, I tell you.
Plus, goodies for my birthday. Two commercial grade baking sheets, a small morter and pestal, a Microplane zester, a mini cupcake pan and so on...spoiled, yes, I am. But more than anything it was wonderful to talk and catch up and for her to be able to spend time with Elijah and Evelyn. It has been so cold and snowy that we didn't venture too far from home and spent out days tucked inside nice and cozy. I miss her, but she will be back in June after baby number three arrives...can't wait.
Guess who's turning three tomorrow? Yes, Elijah. Were does the time go? There will be a birthday post in the near future. It will be low key tomorrow, just us...but, I have some nice surprises up my sleeve for him. He can hardly stand the wait and has been bubbling about it all week. Such a change from not caring last year...it's going to be fun!


Really?! Baby number 3? :) YAY! I didn't know. That is so exciting! :)
Oh and I know how amazing those mommy visits can be! I miss mine terribly and so thoroughly enjoy the times we can sip tea together.
Thanks for the pictures, & I am so glad that you had a wonderful time with your mom!

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