Elijah's Birthday...

We started the day with pancakes, a favorite of Elijah's and in all honesty, a favorite of mine. I think he and I could eat them every morning and never get tired of them. He requested them the night before for his birthday breakfast...I was more than happy to oblige.

He opened his gifts mid-morning and spent the day playing with his loot as I prepared his cupcakes. Maybe everyone has already made these, but this was my first time and I love them. Cupcakes baked in ice cream cones! Brilliant!
I whipped up a batch of homemade cream cheese frosting and sprinkled them with multi-colored dots. Yummy! I did most of it while Elijah was napping and then hid them in the fridge. He didn't see them until the grand reveal after dinner...I love a little birthday drama. This was so much fun for me compared to last year. He wanted nothing to do with his birthday and could have cared less. Of course he was only two and had no concept of what a birthday is, I can deal with that. I really loved the joy in his eyes and the glee that bubbled up out of him throughout the day this year. The anticipation over the last couple of weeks has been fun for me to foster.

Wow, three. I can't digest really how fast these last three years have gone. My Elijah Lee has grown and changed so much and it goes without saying that time has flown. He is such a happy kid...he loves painting, trains, matchbox cars, building towers, spotting school buses and garbage trucks, running, jumping, singing, dancing, hugs and kisses. He is amazingly loving and thoughtful, he has a deep soul and is constantly asking questions about how things work and the way things are. His love of learning and of life is insatible...

Happy Birthday my sweet boy! May all your birthdays be as sweet as this one.


Happy Birthday, Elijah! Doesn't the time go quickly? You blink twice & they're leaving home. I can't believe how old my kids are....Aidan has 6 adult teeth in, Lyd has 2, & they no longer look like little kids! Both are reading, both speak like more grown-up versions of their little selves, it's sad & fun all at the same time. All I can say is enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!
Mum said…
Oh, the things I miss being so far away from my precious "baby" and grandbabies, but oh, how very blessed I am for every little face-to-face, phone chat, and blog smile. The strong and quiet assurance that we gaze on the same moon, share prayers with the same amazing God, and will indeed see each other again keep me going along this little remote Alaska road I have found myself on. Much, much, much love to you my lovely daughter. Keep up the good work. I am proud!

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