We made valentines last week. Pink and red hearts, googly eyes, pipe cleaner arms and legs and the saying " I only have eyes for you." written on each one.
Mumsy and I did most of the work, of course, but Elijah and Evelyn were an active part of the fun too. I started researching possible valentines last month, but I wasn't finding anything that was sticking with me...not even Martha Stewart had anything that I was dying to do. Then while laying in bed trying to go to sleep one night, the idea came to me. I didn't have to buy anything except a bag of heart shaped chocolates. These were taped on at the end...after all what is a valentine without chocolate???
I gave them out to their little friends at a playdate this week and I have a few to send to family. They will be late, but I haven't quite figured out the best way to mail them without forking over major bucks for bubble mailers...I have a couple ideas...we'll see. Those adorable pipecleaner arms and legs make it a little complicated.

My favorite moment was when Elijah stated after he stuck on all of the googly eyes, "It is so hard to make valentines!" Yet, he adores his "Valentine people."
I realize that I failed to take a picture of the finished valentines...I'll get that up here soon.


~beautyandjoy~ said…
What a beautiful comment you left. Thank you. I love discovering your blog, too! I hope you get good sleep tonight. I will be praying for your time in the morning, too. :)

Love, Misha
Cute idea! I've been working on ideas for games & crafts for the little V party we're having for our kids today. Nothing too big, just fun & treats. I'm alright, just aching to go back home to a place of my own. We still have the place, at the moment, praise God! Hopefully, the return home will happen sooner than later.

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