Does the face of this little boy look like he could cause mischief?
As of late the thermostate on the oven has been mysteriously moving. Which has resulted in rock hard cupcakes and a chocolate pear torte that met the bottom of the garbage can with a resounding thud.
The first time this occured I thought they I had accidentally turned the knob to the wrong temperature. I must admit that it surprised me to think that I might do that. I am very careful when it comes to baking. Baking does not appreciate the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants method. Directions are meant to be adheared to. Which is odd for me too. I like to be random, random is happy for me. But, pattern and predictability is a must with baking...so I can deal.
With a flick of the wrist I usually set the knob and walk away to mix, whip, or knead etc. and forget about it.
I suspected that something was amiss when it happened a second time. The third time I caught a little gnome (by the name of Elijah) turning the knob. He loves to turn knobs. We had a chat...we'll see.
In the mean time I will check the knob and check often.


Amanda said…
the little gnome at our house is most definitely kate...she is our curious and sneaky little one! :) (well, elizabeth is too...but mostly libs like to sneak and find chocolate!).
Fairlightday said…
Oh my! Keep your eye on him! :) And it had to have been a man who designed a stove with the knobs on the front! :)
How are you doing Sarah? I don't see you around much and I think of you often. I'm sorry I don't comment more. It's usually a quick breeze through and then on with the day.
Give you sweet (and mischievous) ones an extra hug for me! :)

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