For the Birds...

Elijah and I have been hoping to start doing some bird watching.
He received this bird feeder for Christmas.
It has a fetching copper roof and is cunning in it ability to fend off squirrels.
We haven't had any visitors yet.

I found a book on how to attrack birds to your yard.
I have hopes that we will have activity soon.

Spring is a time of year that I adore.
The fresh smell of newly tilled earth and the awakening of plants and animals for the growing season to come. The days are longer and there is a new warmth and goldeness to daylight.
David came in the front door on Saturday and told me to come crocus and tulip bulbs, over 200 of them that I planted last fall, are satrting to push through the dirt and mulch. I am thrilled. I am looking forward to taking Elijah in hand and going for a walk around the yard to look and touch. I want him to experience Spring and nature first hand.


Amanda said…
hooray for birds and feeders and tulips pushing through the ground! you and elijah are sure to have LOTS of fun this spring enjoying the beauty of God's creation!
I just adore this time of year as well! I love that you and Elijah are looking forward to catching glimpses of special birdies and learn more about them together.
You are an insprition to this mama! :)

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