Won Ton Soup...

I made Won Ton Soup a few weeks ago.
When I was uploading photos from my camera I came across this one of the ingredients...ground pork, shrimp, green onion, ginger, bok choy...
I had forgotten that I had taken the picture.
The Won Tons turned out great! The flavor of the pork filling was so tasty. There was that nice ginger/onion flavor that I hope for when I order Chinese dumplings. I think I will leave them out of the soup next time and just steam them. They became soggy in the broth. The left overs the next day had become rather gelatinous...not appetizing!
But, I guess that is what cooking is all about trial and error and learning from the not so successful attempts...this one was partly successful, I will definitly make these again, just in a different way.


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