Where did it go?

Elijah turned 2 on Wednesday.
Where did the last two years go?
He has changed my life in so many ways. It is as if he has always been here or at least that I always knew that it would be him, that I would have Elijah Lee as my son.
I pray for him daily, that he will continue to grow into a godly man.
Here is a collage of pictures of our dear sweet boy from the last two years.
I'm going to go give him a squeeze and a kiss...

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Amanda said…
he did not! (turn two that is!). i can remember anticipating the announcement of his arrival on your blog...and now, here you are, two years later...two babies later...and SO much more of life. have been thinking about you and praying dearest girl. how are you
Amy said…
So sweet. I loved all of the fun pics as he has grown to be such a little man.
Chelle said…
I am with Amanda, trying to wrap my mind around the concept of your sweet Elijah, turning two...I also remember the months and days we anticpated his arrival with you!

Happy, happy Birthday, to you, handsome little boy!

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